The Tree That Made Me An Idiot

Many years ago, I used to pass through a narrow jungle before I could get to my house. Along that jungle, there was a massive tree that always looked at me menacingly as if my existence was a threat to its. Whenever I got to the spot where this tree was deeply rooted, I always hastened or ran very fast, but the tree would never stop looking at with such hatred that carried death wishes.

For many years, our enmity persisted until I gained admission to study in a far away country. I was happy I was going to leave home and the tree that hated me so much.

When I completed my education in the faraway country, I got a good job there and I saved enough money to take home. Ten years after, I returned home and the tartar-fearsome tree was still there. The moment we sighted each other, the tree was so furious that it shed some leaves. I walked majestically pass it, giving out an elongated hiss. I said to the tree, “Your days are numbered.”

The following day I saw the tree, it looked pale and sick, its branches cracky and frail, its countenance suggested sorrow and depression. Normally, this would have drawn some compassion and sympathy but I was desperate to see the end of my childhood menace.

I bought the land on which the tree had stood for ages and acquired the services of a lumberjack to cut down the menace that had been tormenting me for ages. Within hours, my childhood oppressor was down, helpless. I was happy. Victory sparkles like a shining armour!

I also acquired the services of a Carpenter to make me a rest chair which I shall sit on when I am old, and the services of a sculpture to carve me a walking stick which I shall walk with when I am old.

After cutting down the tree, I sold the land and I got my money back. After all, I have achieved my mission.

Years after selling off the land, the buyer refused to develop it and the tree was growing up again with a renewed vigour. Whenever I passed by it, it always gave me a mocking look that said, “ I am back, idiot!.”

Now I am old and the tree has grown to be a bigger menace than it was during my childhood years. I cannot even walk past it because I feel it will swallow my fragile body.

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