The Dead in New world by Jisola Adebo

Alfred vividly remembered him waking up as a 5 years old boy and it was his birthday. He walked into the living room expectantly, knowing his mother would sing a birthday song but no, there were people crying. He walked to his mother and she hugged him crying profusely.
He entered into his office and sits. His stare returned to the door when a nurse opened the door and announced his mother arrival. He frowned, obviously worried but ordered for her admission. She walked in and after a bear hug and birthday song, she sighed.
“You’re 35 years old today” said his mother
“I am a Doctor and a Psychologist so you better be proud of me” he kissed her cheeks.
 “Since I lost your father, I lost me too but I can’t stand losing you” She paused to beat as Alfred wipes her tears.
“But you once lost me too mama and good news is time brought me back” said Alfred and such statement made his mother glare hard at him. He promised to see her at home immediately after work and she left although reluctantly.
Alfred remembered that same day as he watched people coming and going out of their room solemnly. He heard them telling his mother that his father’s death isn’t end of the world and they urged her to think about her son and what would happen if anything happens to her. That was when he felt a thud on his heart and such makes his chest more heavier as it rose heavily and fell painfully when he breathe his first feelings of been deeply hurt. He asked himself why death has to take his beloved father. Why can’t it be somebody else father! He started walking to the balcony. He heard someone telling his mother to be strong. “What about me?” He asked himself but no one noticed him as he escaped to the balcony and out in the air that only encouraged him to sobbed uncontrollably when memory brought his father back to him and all he could remembered was him been a lovely father anyone could wished for. He heard his mother called out to him and something told him “Run before she finds you!” He shut his eyes, climbed the balcony rails and jumped! After a thud, every sounds stopped and all pains passed away!
Alfred’s father picked him up into a passionate hug and let him down on his feet after the long hug, held his hand and they started walking.
 “I was scared because I thought I won’t see you again. I wonder how you know I was there. Mum said you’re in America and you’re not going to be home for a very long time” Alfred speaks on as they entered into a big hall and there were many people waiting. Alfred frowned staring them worriedly. His father sit, makes him sit too and held his hand to have his attention. He watched his father staring him with fatherly passion in his eyes.
“Do you enjoy your trip?” Asked his father
 “Yes daddy” Alfred shrieked excitedly
He remembered the amusement park he’d never imagined before, playing with some beautiful friends he’d wished to be with forever and other extraordinary things that he loved to see again. His father sighed, rubbed his hands and told him time won’t let them be together but Alfred begged him to plead with time so they can be together because he alone care for him more than those people who only care about his mother and ignore him. Tears clouded his eyes when a man and a woman approached them. His father leaned towards him and whispered
“Go back and be a better person” said his father and he stand.
 “Come with me” said the woman smiling down at him
 “Go with blessing and enjoy” said his father.
The woman reached out, Alfred glanced at his father and he gave him assuring nod. Alfred reached out to her extends hand and they started walking. Alfred looked back at his father, he waved at him, smiling.
Alfred wakes up on his sick bed but couldn’t see well. After few seconds, clear vision of his mother image comes to his sight and she kissed his bandaged forehead in excitement holding his hands and smiling down into his face.
Abruptness of the opened door dragged Alfred out of his time travel memory lane as the nurse entered and put down a file before him. She reminds him of the patient appointment and leaves when Alfred gave her permission to bring her in. Alfred breathe in and out dramatically and waits patiently. The  patient walked in. They exchanged greetings, she sit and sighed worriedly.
“You owe yourself a second chance” said Alfred and she started to cry. Alfred continued
 “I know its hard but life needs it. One day someone is born and that same day someone will be dead. No morning stays till night. Every thing has its time. Time to stop, begin, restart or renew into either a new version or new soul”
 “Doctor It’s too frustrating!” she cried
 “Yes because you don’t allow time to make it happen” said Alfred
Then her sobbing comes into an angry halt glaring hard at Alfred who’s smiling. Alfred shrugged and scanned through her file, read her name as Blessing Williams. He scoffed and introduce himself.
 “So can we talk about it?” Alfred urged
 “Do you believe in reincarnation?” She asked. Alfred sneered and continued
“After my father died, I committed suicide and died too” said Alfred
His patient frowned thinking she was in the room with the wrong doctor.
  “You first then I’ll prove to you that you’re with the right doctor?” Said Alfred. She exhale loudly and continued
“All I remembered is I’m 30 years old and for some time now, I’ve been sleepwalking. Everyone believed I’m sick. Doctor could it be something is truly wrong with me?” She said
 “Why do you believed you sleepwalk?” Asked Alfred
 “They all said I wake up in the middle of the night and keep talking about guiding a boy on a journey” she explained
“Do you work under pressure?'” Asked Alfred
  “Not really. I have enough time to do my work at my own convenient time” she replied. Alfred smiles
“There are some other things you shouldn’t bother about and its draining you drastically. It could be trying to get something or somewhere. So your conscious is trying harder to call your attention to what is necessary. Do you remember any of your dreams?” Alfred asked. She shuts her eyes shortly and gasped
 “Close your eyes” Alfred commanded. She does so and Alfred continued
 “Forget about your environment now. Imagine you on bed sleeping. Imagine you dreaming…” Alfred paused to beat and continued.
 “You can do it” Alfred whispered. She snapped her eyes opened
 “He’s a young boy! I remembered we departed from two men, no! One man waving at him” she gasped and continued
“Doctor does it mean I have a spiritual family that I have to go back to? This is so frustrating!” She started to cry again.
Alfred smiles wryly. He stands and move closer to her reaching to her hand.
  “You need a proper bed rest that should put a definite stop to every unnecessary things you allowed to bothered you” said Alfred and he returned to his desk. Opened her file and make some notes. He handed it over to her.
   “Give it to nurse. She’ll tell you about your next appointment” said Alfred
   “Doctor I’m 30 and I want to get marry. Please help me. I was told you’re best at getting people to deal with their right mind. They always leave because i do something i don’t even know i do. Please help me so one of them will come back and stay” she said solemnly
Alfred smiles and nods, waits for her to closed the door and he exhaled.



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