Ọzọ bịara (Another came). by Omoge Precious

“You are humans passing through this life, one body into another, one flesh into another. You help each other and assist each other in any way possible. Most times people who are supposed to help you die and leave you bereft. You can only hope and believe that they come again in any way possible. Your lives are intertwined and you believe that those who died would come back to you again. It only is a matter of time.”

Nnatu the village seer did not understand the message given to him by the gods, they had never given him such a message before. He was troubled and wondered if a war was imminent. It had been known for the gods to send helpers in various form, even people who had been long dead. The stories were told about the gods sending helpers to villages in distress but the people of Agbommiri had never experienced such. Maybe it was time they did.

She was running through a bush and didn’t know why, the thorns and sticks pierced her skin but she didn’t stop. She heard the cry of a baby coming from different directions, she ran in one direction but the sound seemed to stop after she took steps in that direction. She then stopped to look around, but didn’t recognise where she was, the cry of the baby started again and thus time she ran in the direction she thought to have heard it first. She got to a clearing and saw a river which prevented her from passing through, her legs seemed to disappear when she made to pass through. She looked around for the crying baby but instead she saw her mother wrapped in baby clothes and crying like a baby, she screamed and woke up.

Mmachi ran outside to wash herself and rinse her mouth of the bitter taste the dream had left, she didn’t know what to make of the dream and decided to visit the village seer. It was dawn already so she prepared to go to the farm, she woke her husband and they both prepared to go to the farm. Mmachi and Okenwa had been married for eleven years without any child. She had started to have this dream at the beginning of the year and this was the twelfth year. She had never seen the crying baby, she always woke up before she got to where the baby was and today she had reached there only to discover that there was no baby instead it was her mother crying like one. She couldn’t tell her husband about it as he would believe she had gone crazy, her mother had died many years ago and she had never dreamt of her until today.

Mmachi’s mother was a great warrior and a very powerful woman, she had powers and during her life she helped the people of Agbommiri and led them into battles, and they were always victorious. She also helped the neighbouring villages. No village dared challenge the people of Agbommiri because they feared her. Since she died the people of Agbommiri never had anyone else like her.
After they finished their work on the farm, Mmachi said she wanted to go and visit her friend Nneoma, but instead she went straight to the village seer. She narrated her dream to the village seer, the village seer began to see and understand the meaning of the message given to him by the gods. He then told Mmachi that there was nothing wrong with the dream she had that she should continue praying to the gods to give her a child. Two months later Mmachi became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl who she named Ndidiamaka.

Mmachi and her husband where very happy that the gods had finally answered their prayers, a very big party was held to celebrate the birth of their daughter, and sacrifices where made to the gods. Okenwa was a successful farming so there was lots to eat and drink. The whole village came bearing gifts and good tidings for the family and the baby. It was a very happy day in the village of Agbommiri and the party lasted far into the night.

Ndidiamaka loved her parents and would also do things to please them, she was very hard working and did not shy away from any house chores. She cooked, cleaned, swept and worked on the farm with her parents. She always did this smiling and singing. Her parents were very happy with the gods for giving them such a beautiful and gifted child.

Ndidi became the cynosure of all eyes in the village. Many said she looked like Mmachi’s late mother, but no one dare said it to her face. Ndidi could predict things that would happen and also tell events of the past with amazing clarity that the old men and women in the village began to wonder. When their village was plagued by a sudden disease, it was Ndidi that found the cure, she also saved her people from being attacked by the fierce Oguta Warriors. When she killed the serpent that had always tormented the people and spoilt their crops, they the people believed that the gods had sent them a Messiah.

When Ndidi was asked about her powers, she revealed to them a birthmark and only one person recognised the mark. It was Mmachi’s uncle who said that Mmachi’s mother also had the same exact mark. The people were astonished. Some said the gods had sent them another great warrior, others said Mmachi’s mother had been reborn.

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