MUT SHALL LIVE AGAIN by Abasiakan Ananah

LOCATION: Thebes, Egypt.

Long ago, a prophecy had been foretold of “She that was not birthed, but by her self birthed nations, shall one day come back to live by birth ” through her descendant.
As LALAYAS (descendants of the Goddess Mut and of the priestess’ lineage) the prophecy has come to pass in my time.

Where the Great Mut chooses a vessel every 2000 years to come back to live.
I am a LALAYA and the pioneer vessel for the Mut’s reincarnation.

A heart-shaped face, arched brows 1.3 inches apart, a long pointed nose and eyes shaped like those of a cat. These were my facial features and also believed to be that of a goddess in my land.
My name? Ahura, Daughter of Keitseiqya (a descendant and priestess of Mut) and Amunta(descendant of the sun God) who is known for his unquenchable fire when angered.
Like mother would tell me repeatedly, “you are born for a great purpose, you are a born Goddess” she would add. As a daughter of a priestess, I have been prepared from birth to embrace my full nature from the moment its manifestation begins.

Born with a tattoo of a Nekhbet ( used specifically by the Goddess Mut in the days of old) on my left palm. I began to wear an enchanted glove made by mother from the age of six, after an unforgettable incident that caused the life of Father.

It was a very calm day, with the sun invigorating the Earth. My friends and I were playing in a garden white roses, with a doll shared by 4.

We played a game of “PASS” , as the doll would be passed from one player to another, and each player would wish on it. It got to my turn, but two girls protested against me touching the doll. Cursed one! Cursed! ,they began to sing and clap.

Out of anger, I snatched the doll from one of them, but on touching it, it melted.
On seeing this, the oldest of us pushed me down, and raised an alarm. Calling the attention of every passers-by and that of my mother, who was tending to the roses in the courtyard.

I tried to get up by myself, but I felt my head turn. Suddenly, the roses in the garden began to turn dark, which was quite different from the original colour, being white. Slowly & slowly, they dried up and began to smoke out.

Bilaria! Bilaria! People began to cry out,as each mother ran for her child outside.
As I tried to raise my head to see where the voices came from, a fire started. It burned with blue hot flames like that of the Greeks.

Don’t bother putting it out, it won’t quench. A man shouted from afar. Alas! The cursed one has brought our doom on us, he added.

Take her away! My father yelled at mom. “She has tapped on the anger of the sun God with her goddess’ power”. These were my father’s last words, as he walked into the burning garden.
His body didn’t make it out, though his blood was used a sacrifice to quench the fire, being one of the few remaining descendants of the sun God.

Mother never spoke a word about father’s death after he died. And even I, was not allowed to bring it up.

After the incident, I was being home schooled by mother. I learned to speak different ancient Egyptian languages, and read some of mother’s old textbooks . It had no stress in understanding them, as it came as a natural.

Tomorrow, I would be turning 18. My night dreams had become nightmares, and visions a daily routine.

Last week, I remember chasing a neighbour’s cat out of my room. As I stepped out of my room, I stepped into an empty palace. With six pillars at each sides, and torches in lampholders attached to each pillar.

I recognized the inscriptions on the wall, as they looked so familiar. But the burning chandelier above me, is what I had never seen before.

Its heat and light was enough to power a small town. It burned with flames of six colours. Red, blue, yellow, white,green and the last colour I had no idea of what it was called.

What’s up there? Mother’s calm voice called me out of my trance, if only it could be called that.
A burning chandelier, I answered with my face still raised to the ceiling.

Come with me! Mother said as she held the hem of my dress. We walked into her inner room, and she brought out an old book with a palm lock on its cover.

For centuries, this book has been passed from one generation of priestesses to another, after your demise Great one, she said. On your 18th birthday being tomorrow, you shall unlock this yourself, she added.

Tonight, being the last before my birthday, Mother had invited a few priestesses over. After dinner, together we shared the “Al BILIA”. An ancient Egyptian food, eaten before any sacred ritual is performed.

The food was to be eaten with bare hands, as the Great Mut would also share in it.

We gathered round a small wooden table, kept in the center of the markings of the Eye of Ra. Marking made out of the ashes of sin (sin: A tree with a red bark, known for its long lasting stain when burned to ashes, and extraction done properly). At each arch of the eye were 2 already lit white candles, and a red one in the centre.

With our legs folded in, we began to eat after few repeated incantations. On my third gulp down my throat, I felt my Nekhbet come to live. It felt so real and the force from within felt so strong.

I felt felt a bit light headed, with my eyes turning like they were stirred. Unconsciously, I stood on my feet and must have stood there for a while.

Thud! This was the sound of my head, as it touched the floor without being watched for. All hail the Almighty Mut! All hail the Almighty Mut! were the last low chants I heard, before I finally passed out.

With  the unending chatters of birds, and the fragrance of the wild roses planted in the courtyard that found its way into my room with the wind, I needed not a soothsayer to tell me the sun had risen.

Already tucked in my bed, I simply deducted Mother had carried me here after I passed out. I tried to step out of bed as mother walked into my room, but I could feel my brain bounce in my head, like it were going to explode if I moved an extra inch.

You’re up Great one! Mother said as she rolled her hands on my dark long hair.
Wear this! she added as she kept a long white dress, made out of the finest silk and sewed with golden threads, on my couch.

Be down in 20 minutes, the other priestesses await you. She added as she descended the stairs.
I walked into her inner room in the dress she had kept.
Low chants could be heard even from my room upstairs,a clear indication that the ritual had began.

Take off your glove! A priestess ordered, as she brought out a dagger with an Egyptian inscription on it, reading ‘RIP’.

I took off my glove, and without permission she cut open my palm, tearing its skin and releasing  blood into the palm lock on the book cover.

A strong force pulled me, fixing my left palm in its space, and every finger in the right place. Then, the lock began to rotate in an anti clockwise direction till it unlocked, revealing the book’s content to be the real Nekhbet, as it just laid in the center of the book.

My body began to vibrate, my heart beats slowed down and my legs went weak, as I made contact with it.

Without hesitation, all the priestesses fell on their knees, with their heads bowed.

Where is the woman that birthed this mortal? I asked in an ancient Egyptian language. I could hear my voice transform from its feminine nature to a thunderous one.

It is  I, oh Great one! A woman replied shaking, as she walked towards me.

You shall be rewarded for your Great work. The floor began to shake as I spoke out.
Ora! (Ora:A word for my Council of priestesses) I called out. My body was it taken to the Sphinx Of Giza?

Yes Great one, the Ora replied.

The sphinx Of Giza, cried after your demise .With its tears touching the Holy ground, there was no rain for 20years. This forced us to move out of Giza, building temples in every land we set our feet on and spreading all over the world, the Ora spoke in one voice.

And Amun my lover? I asked with Fear in my voice, yet the Ora remained silent.
Speak! The lights began to flicker as I roared like an angry lion.

Kill us oh Great one, the Ora cried out. For king Amun passed away after ‘The night of the Fire dance’ with Amunet, they added.

Amunet? I screamed. The name alone enraged me, as I remembered how she stabbed me to death, with ‘The dagger of Immortals’ which she stole from ‘The temple Of Death’.

Rumour has it, that the Sphinx Of Giza was responsible for her miserable death. The Ora spoke while I was still deep in thought.

Fear not! They added, For her descendants are no more.

Good one Ora! Good one. I nodded as the news of her extinct descendants pleased me.
Take me to the Sphinx Of Giza, for I must praise him for his great deeds, and revive Amun my lover. I said, but they remained quiet.

With haste, they all covered their faces, and cried out saying ‘Kill us Oh Mighty one, for the journey to the Sphinx of Giza, is of two weeks’. And you Oh Mighty one, has been prophesied to manifest for a day, lest you kill this mortal flesh. They replied in an ancient Egyptian language.

Then in 2,000 years, I shall return, to be birthed by a descendant of this vessel. Take my Nekhbet back to Giza, for there it shall do great things. And for this vessel? My priestess, she shall become, 100 years of life I have given to her and all her descendants, till I return.

Fear not, for “Mut shall live again”. These were the last words I spoke before I blacked out.
I could feel my body go light, and slowly I fell on the floor. Mut shall live again! Fading echoes of these words, were the last I heard.

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53 Replies to “MUT SHALL LIVE AGAIN by Abasiakan Ananah”

  1. Great work of art.
    Literarily brewed with good corresponding dictions that matches with the Setting, MUT SHALL LIVE AGAIN is a compendium that attempt to inform and educate, specially bringing to fore some of the Egyptian’s culture and relationship patterns.

  2. Wow!
    What a tale, am impressed, that was a good creative work of art, the sitting and delivering pattern is flawless. MUT SHALL LIVE AGAIN, the terminologies of Egyptian and their ancient religion.

  3. I love this as you have not only included the Egyptian history in the play but also the character and feasibility Ahura showed.

  4. I can see the author has put in a lot of hours researching the topic. Really impressed by the effort put in. Keep up the good work.

  5. These is pure creativity, please I hope you’re getting ready to release the next piece cos I’m already anticipating it……


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